City Lung

City Lung


The City Lung is a « living » object that represents the air quality data in different cities around the world. The better the air quality is, the easier the object is « breathing » and vice versa.

Date of creation: March 2015 | Duration: 1 week | Made with: with Floriane Aubrit, Dan Baczynski and Paul Bouisset


Our principal idea was to represent a data stream with a biomimetic approach. We wanted the object to be « alive ». After a big brainstorming, our inspiration came to a lung which will breath depending on the amount of pollution in different cities around the world. 

We designed the global shape of the object. A 3d model was made and we used a laser cut machine to create the wooden framework of the lung.

We used a lycra material for the husk. The projection on this cloth of the map of differents cities look like a radiography. 

To obtain the air pollution data, we used the software processing which gets this data from the website This data then animates the breath of the lung using an arduino card and a system associating motors and 3d printed mecanism.


On the event of the web2day I had the opportunity to present our project. It was a great experience which strengthens my confidence in speaking in front of many people. You can watch the video here (in french).

Skills: Mindmapping, Scenario, Prototyping, Code
Tools: Paper & Pen, 3D printer, Laser Cut, Processing, Arduino




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