Music Mood

Music Mood


Music Mood is a mobile application concept that allows you to find the music matching your current mood.

Date of creation: December 2012 | Duration: 2 weeks | Made with: Estelle Hary


We had brainstorming sessions and made mind maps to classify and draw out our ideas. 
We looked for a clear and efficient interface to classify feelings. 
Thanks to it the user can easily select a feeling.

We used paper wireframes to make, to test and to improve our different concepts.



In 2016, I chose to redesign this app with my new skills and design methods. Starting from the initial concept, I worked on a  clearer and more efficient interface. 

I re-designed wireframes on paper and illustrator.
I used Pixate to have a really clear feeling of the interactions and to improve them over and over.

Skills: Wireframing, Prototyping, Animation, User eXperience, User Interface 
Tools: paper and pen, Photoshop, Illustrator, Pixate, After Effect

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