One Time

One Time

INtegration of a weather module to an Existing app

As an UX intern at Lunar Europe, I worked and experimented on their mobile application Onetime. With TimeTravel, Onetime allows you to find the right moment to schedule an event with someone located in an other time zone. For my part, I worked mainly on the implementation of a weather forecast module (this feature is still under development and has not been carried out yet). 

Date of creation: April 2015 | Duration: 1 month | Made with: Lunar Europe Munich

The process

Firstly, I brainstormed on the concepts of « Time » and « Weather » to clarify my mind. Then I started to draw on paper some concepts of interfaces and interactions. At this time I was able to share my ideas with my colleagues and discuss about them.

I chose the tool Pixate to present and test different concepts, it allowed me to have quick interactive concepts. I also created animated GIFs with After Effects to illustrate different interfaces, and especially animations effects. It was really efficient to visualize concretely how the interactions would look like.

Skills: Wireframing, Prototyping, Animation, User eXperience
Tools: Paper & Pen, Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffetcs, Pixate


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