SubTile is a service composed of a connected tile paired to a smartphone application. Different games are provided, each one helps the child to discover and learn a specific aspect of the swimming. 

Date of creation: January 2015 | Duration:  6 months




My end of studies project consisted in developing a product on my own. I came through 3 different phases during my design process: researches, conceptualization and prototyping.


STEP 1: Researches

I conducted a thesis about the place of the new technologies of interaction in the teaching of swimming. This thesis allowed me to define my objectives.

To start with a simple observation: nowadays, 1 over 2 teenager doesn’t master swimming in his 1st year of High School. My thesis explains this state of fact and try to prove that new technologies could be a solution to this issue. I end my thesis with a design objective: Improve the swimming teaching to young children by using new technologies (wearables, IoT,…).



After the first phase of researches, I developed three different concepts to answer my challenge. 

To determine and better understand the users – parents, teachers, children – I constituted a network of professionals experts and met real users to know the needs in the swimming teaching nowadays. Then, I asked them to give their opinion about my concepts ideas.

I finally chose to develop my concept « Sub tile », because the majority of the people I met were convinced about this one.  

To test and present my concept, I produced user scenarios, personas and business plans.


The father is a 35 years old hard worker. Once a month, he brings his daughter to the swimming pool. He wonders about her swimming level and would like to follow and participate to her learning. Some equipment is available at the public swimming pool, but he doesn’t really know how to use it.

The daughter is a shy eight years old girl. She doesn’t master swimming, despite the school’s lessons.  She is a little bit afraid of the water, and of her teacher… However, she would like to feel comfortable in the water. She wants to be able to have more fun with her friends and family at the swimming pool.


The father and his daughter are going to the swimming pool. 

The father opens the SubTile app to choose one game to play. This specific game needs one tile. He then connects his smartphone to the tile. He places the tile under water, on the ground of the swimming pool. The goal is to unlock a treasure chest with a combination of three letters. To discover the letters, the child has to dive and reach the tile, by touching it the tile displays one letter. Then, she goes to her father to tell him the letter, and go back to touch the tile for the next letter. The father enters the letters on the app and unlocks the chest!

Thanks to a ludic game, SubTile helps the child to feel comfortable in the water and involve the parent into the teaching.





The physical product

I built the connected tile from drawing, through 3D modeling to tangible prototype with Arduino.

I made it with my limited technical skills. I had to think about the shape of the product (square like the squared tiles of a swimming-pool), its texture (Semi opaque pastic ) and its interaction modalities (« push »Â interaction, 8×8 LED matrix to display simples characters such as letters and numbers)



The Mobile Application

I made the app from wireframes and mock ups to prototype with Pixate.

I had to think and build the entire structure. 

The app is divided in different steps :

-Selection of the user profile

-Selection of the game to play

-Synchronisation of the Tile

-Start of the game



Redesign of the interface

Since I made this product, I’ve always wanted to improve it it in its different aspects.

Lately, I took the time to redesign the app interface as seen below:

Thank you for reading

Skills: Brainstorming,  Wireframing,  Animation, User eXperience, Coding, Prototyping 
Tools: Paper & Pen, Photoshop, Illustrator, Pixate, 3ds Max, Arduino





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